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How do I redeem my PURE point for discounts in-store at HMV?
Why should I get a PURE card?
As a premier entertainment rewards program in Canada, you will be able to earn points toward entertainment rewards which include access to unique and exclusive items that are not normally available for sale, discounts at hmv retail locations, and hmv gift cards. Every PURE member needs a PURE membership card. You will receive 100 points for every dollar you spend at an hmv retail location.
How long will it take to earn enough PURE points to redeem a reward?
Your PURE points will grow quickly because you’ll earn 100 points for every $1 you spend on purchases at HMV stores with your PURE card.  With rewards options starting at only 5000 points, this means you can start getting cool stuff quickly!  Click here to check out some of the PURE rewards available.
Who can join PURE?
Any Canadian resident who is 13 years of age. Limit of one card per individual
Who does not qualify for a PURE card?
A PURE membership is NOT available to corporations, businesses, charities, partnerships or enterprises, nor is membership available to individuals making purchases on behalf of corporations, businesses, charities, partnerships or enterprises
How much does it cost to join? How long is the PURE membership valid for?
The PURE membership card is $3 (CDN) and it is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
Where is my PURE card accepted?
Your PURE card is accepted at all Canadian retail HMV locations.
Why do I need to register my PURE card?
By registering your PURE card at you receive instant access to spend your reward points against cool stuff money can’t buy or valuable in-store savings. You’ll get news from us on new rewards, special member-only draws & offers, hot in-store promotions and learn how to earn valuable bonus points. Registering immediately helps us identify you as PURE member.
PLUS: we’ll give you 10,000 bonus points to get you started!
How do I redeem my PURE points?
You can redeem PURE points at the arena once you have registered your PURE card. Click here to visit the arena and view exciting rewards. New ‘money can’t buy’ rewards are added regularly to the arena, so visit often to check out the latest exciting additions.
How long does it take for points to be added on after I have made a purchase?
Purchases in-store or online should appear immediately after purchase.
How can I check how many points I currently have on my purehmv card?
There are several ways to access your PURE reward points:
i.                    Once you have registered your PURE card, sign in to your account on and your points will be displayed automatically or access your points via the points balance link in Your Account.
ii.                  Your current point balance will be automatically displayed on your hmv cash register receipts every time you make a purchase
iii.                You can request your balance in-store
How do I redeem my PURE point for discounts in-store at HMV?
You can request savings based on the PURE discount tiers at the time of purchase. Click here for complete details.
What are the in-store PURE point discount tiers?
You can trade PURE points for in-store savings at any HMV location once you reach one of the PURE discount tiers
What if my PURE card is lost or stolen?
Contact us immediately at  We can reissue a new PURE card to registered members.
What if my PURE card is damaged?
Contact us immediately at to replace your damaged card.
How do I update my profile?
You can update your account profile anytime by accessing the Your Account link on To change the email address associated with your account, please email Email address changes cannot be made online for security purposes. By updating your profile and telling us you’re preferences, we will be in a better position to try and speak to you on a personal level by keeping in mind your interests and preferences.
What do I do if I move addresses, change my name or any other information that I originally supplied?
You can update your account profile anytime by accessing the Your Account link on
What about the privacy of information?
HMV does not rent, sell, or provide our PURE Members' personal information to any organization or individual. We maintain the highest standards with respect to privacy, security and integrity of personal information. For further information, click here for our detailed Privacy Policy
What do I do if I receive my reward and it is damaged or the wrong item?
On the rare occasion that your reward is damaged during shipment or you received the wrong item, please contact us at
Are PURE points transferrable between PURE members?
No. PURE points are not transferable as noted in the Program's Terms & Conditions. PURE points cannot be sold, traded, bartered, rented or otherwise disposed of. PURE points are void if sold for cash or any other consideration.
If I don’t have my PURE card with me, can I still receive PURE points for my purchase?
For HMV Store purchases, you must present your valid, original Card to the cashier at the time of purchase or, if you are a registered Tier 1 member, return to the store within 21 days with an original receipt and present your valid, original Card to the cashier. Receipts from prior to membership activation are not eligible for Collecting Points.
Are there any items that I can’t earn points on?
You can’t earn points on: the purchase of your PURE membership itself, HMV gift cards or pre-payments/deposits on pre-orders. HMV also reserves the right to limit or not accrue reward points when multiple copies of the same item are purchased.
I have pre-ordered an item at hmv. Why did I not receive my PURE points?
Pure points are awarded once the item is picked up and the balance is paid in full.
I want to return an item I purchased in-store at hmv for a refund – what will happen to the points I earned on the purchase?
If you return an item in-store and have earned points on that purchase, you will need to present your purehmv card to obtain a refund. Points will then be deducted from your current balance.
I want to return an item I purchased using my PURE points for an in-store discount – what will happen to the points I redeemed for the purchase? 
If you return an item in-store that you used some or all of your PURE points to purchase, then the dollar amount you used in points will be returned to you onto an hmv gift card.
What is the policy for returning rewards from the PURE arena?
Once a reward is redeemed with your pure points, it is non-returnable
I am having trouble registering my card at What should I do?
If you are having difficulty registering your purehmv card at, send an email to the PURE Service Team via the "contact us" page. Please include your name, email address and your purehmv number found on the back of the card.
Why has a reward item that I saw previously on disappeared?
Most of our rewards are of a limited quantity and are redeemed by purehmv members on a first-come, first-served basis. Once all inventory of a particular reward item has been claimed, it is removed from The Arena.
Can I donate my PURE points to a charity?

We will be adding this functionality to the program soon – stay tuned!  

What if I have a question about the Pure Travel Portal?
If you have a question about the Pure Travel Portal, please email or call 1-855-468-3504. 

How do I know when my membership and points will expire?

There are several ways to check your membership and expiry dates. When visiting an hmv store location, you can ask any of the staff to provide you with your card balance and membership expiry date or you can find the expiry date at the bottom of your hmv receipt when you make a purchase using your pure card. You can also email, where the pure team can provide you with this information.

How can I make sure my PURE Points do not expire?
By renewing your pure membership once a year, you can make sure your pure points don’t expire.

If you ever choose to not renew your membership you will still have additional year to redeem your points. The Pure Rewards program thrives on its many partnerships with record labels, film studios, entertainment outlets, airline and travel accommodations as well as retail businesses. All of these partners give Pure memorabilia and rewards that money can’t buy!
Will my PURE Membership ever expire? 

 All Pure memberships expire one year from the day of activation, which means that you will not be able to collect points on purchases beyond that date until you renew. Your accumulated points will still be available to redeem for one additional year. If you renew the card anytime within that year, your points will rollover to your next year of membership.
Will my PURE Points ever expire?
Your points will finally expire a year after the card’s expiry date, if you have not renewed your card by that date. As long as you continue to renew your card within one year of its expiry, the points will always carry over to the next year.
What is the difference between membership expiry and points expiry?
For illustration purposes only, here’s an example of how the expiry policy works. Let’s say that you had an account balance of 100,000 points at the end of your one year membership in April 2014. If you decided not to pay the $3 renewal fee, you will not be able to collect points on purchases beyond that membership expiry date but you can redeem your points for up to one year.

Activation date              Points                    Membership Expiry                    Points Expiry If Not Renewed

April 13, 2013               100,000                     April 13, 2014                                      April 13, 2015
I requested that Pure Service transfer my points to a new card, does that mean that my points have a new expiry date?
In the situation where you transfer your pure points from an old card to a new card, your membership expiry date remains the same.
 Can I earn Pure points for my music downloads at
Yes, registered purehmv members can earn 50 pure points for every $1.00 (pre-tax) spent purchasing music downloads at  Pure points will be automatically added to your account within 15 working days after purchase. You currently won’t see a confirmation of the number of pure points earned during your transaction, but we’re working to add this functionality in 2014. If you have any queries regarding points earned on music downloads please contact
How do I redeem points for digital track packs?

Log on to and select Digital Track Pack(s). These can be located by performing a search for "digital track pack" or by navigating to puremusic - gift cards - downloads from the left navigation section on the home screen.

Enter the number of track packs you would wish to purchase in the quantity field and click "add to basket". When you are ready to complete your order, click on the "checkout" button. To complete your order, simply click the "place your order" button. 

How will I receive my tracks?

Upon order completion, an order receipt page will appear, displaying your order reference number, along with your PIN code(s). You will also receive and email containing your order reference number and PIN code(s). You will be issued one (1) PIN to use until all of your purchased tracks have been downloaded or expire.

Do I receive pure points for purchases made on when I use a PIN code?

No. Redemptions using PIN codes are not eligible to earn pure points.

I can not log on to with my / account info.

You will need to create a new account specifically for  Your account will not work on this site.

How do I use the PIN at 
Add your desired tracks to your basket. Click "checkout" to proceed. At the checkout page, you will see a box labelled "Enter PIN here" below your basket. Enter the PIN code in the box provided and click "apply".
How long are my hmvdigital PINs valid for?
Once ordered, your PIN code is valid for six (6) months and can be used until all tracks in the pack are used. Please note that hmv is not responsible for lost PINs and they cannot be replaced.
What if my PIN code doesn't work? 
Please contact the hmvdigital customer service team by using the link at Include the details of the download you are having trouble with and the type of problem that you have experienced.


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